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The Southern Europe Tech Tour is the most efficient way for an investor to learn about the local technology start-up ecosystems in Spain, Italy and beyond, as well as seeing the most promising local companies. As with any Tech Tour, the networking with entrepreneurs, venture capital peers, and local movers and shakers, was unsurpassed in uncovering additional business opportunities and providing a foundation for future deal-making in the region.

Tom Henriksson, Open Ocean Capital, Partner (Finland)

Southern Europe Tech Tour 2011

After two selections by the Healthtech Summit in 2008 and 2010, being awarded the Excellence Medtech Award in 2013 has been a great recognition of the path followed by our company from early stage to worldwide development. It is also the recognition of HTS as a very valuable forum for innovative medtech companies in Europe.

Marie Meynadier, CEO, EOS Imaging (France)

HTS Health Tech Summit 2013

Very intensive, professional and pleasurable event. Great networking possibilities. A must-attend for everyone who is considering VC and growth investments in Russia.

Marcin Leja, Principal, GIMV (Poland)

Tech Tour Russia 2013

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