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Italian Tech Tour 2017
Tech Tour Smart Capital 2017
Alpine High-Tech Venture Forum 2017
Italian Healthtech Venture Forum  2017
Digital Tech Summit 2017
Healthtech Venture Forum 2017
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What I enjoyed particularly with the Tech tour Solutions was the gathering in one day of highlights on four sectors of activity with four great companies presenting. Instructive, efficient, powerful !

Olivier Edwards, Morgan Lewis (France)

Tech Tour Solutions 2012

Great companies and impeccable logistics, the Tech Tour is a sound investment for VCs like us.

Stephan Morais, Board Member, Caixa Capital (Portugal)

Tech Tour UK & Ireland 2013

This is the perfect audience for a start-up like ID by ME: a room full of VCs asking the right questions, and entrepreneurs sharing their experiences. ID by ME was fortunate to be selected and great contacts resulted from our presentation.

Gabrielle Sentilhes Chou, IDbyme, CEO (France)

Web & Mobility Summit 2011

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