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InvestHorizon is a series A accelerator which supports startups in raising their series A round. Every three months it accepts 40-100 companies.

How many companies have you supported?

In 2019 InvestHorizon supported 74 companies from 25 countries. Most of them were from France, Spain and Israel. In 2020 the number has risen to 200 companies from 28 countries with the most companies coming from Spain, France, Germany and Italy. Roughly 40% are from the health sector, 20% - digital and 20% - cleantech and energy.

How many companies have raised money, and how much?

In 2019 InvestHorizon supported 74 companies, which stayed with us till the beginning of 2020 when COVID hit Europe - from them, already 12 have raised a total of Eur 26 million, with deal sizes ranging from 1 - 5 million. The majority are health companies from Finland, Denmark, UK, France, Switzerland, Spain, and Slovakia.

Are you happy with the achieved results?

Not yet! We are always on the lookout to improve and support the companies in their fund-raising process.

How is InvestHorizon helping and supporting companies since COVID-19 hit?

The current situation makes it harder for companies to raise the full amount needed. To support them, we have increased their exposure to active investors. Some of the concrete actions we are taking to address this include:

  • increasing the number of pitching opportunities provided to the companies, combining smaller & very focused pitching sessions with an increased number of sessions;
  • providing personal introductions to specific target investors leveraging on Tech Tour investors’ community and outreach and from our expert knowledge of investment interests from different VCs and CVCs;
  • presenting the top-performing InvestHorizon portfolio to active investors;
  • sharing InvestHorizon cohort portfolio folder with investors attending InvestHorizon activities.

There were some companies past cohorts that raised series A, and they came back to us for series A/B. They are currently attending InvestHorizon online pitching events and scheduling one2one meetings with the attending investors. We try to continue to support the companies, within capacity, even after their stay of 5 months in the accelerator.

What are the companies saying about InvestHorizon?

So far, we have had high appreciation from the companies and their investors. Even from those that have not yet been able to close the series A round, the satisfaction surveys indicate a level of satisfaction > 80% highlighting that they were able to improve their business proposal.

We keep track of satisfaction from participating companies, investors, and all experts involved in the programme. It is crucial for us to provide the support needed, and bring the impact we aim for.