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This is a period of unusual turbulence for all of us. It affects us in many and different areas such as health and economics, and also socially.


For over 20 years we at Tech Tour have worked towards accelerating world-class innovation. In times like these, our mission to support European startups becomes even more important. From the 2008 financial crisis, we learned that disruptions bring new opportunities. New ideas will be needed, as well as revised values, and a change of lifestyle towards more sustainability. Most of all, we will need to work closer together and innovate faster. 


We are keeping our eyes on the situation and adapting our strategy  simultaneously. Check the events' websites for the latest information - we will keep them up to date. 


Meanwhile, we are preparing different tools to help our community accelerate innovation further and to connect. We believe that collaboration and innovation are the way to go, so we will continue our commitment to supporting our community and even more so in challenging times like these. 


Do reach out to our Team for any assistance you may require and/or to share your innovative ideas as to how we can level up our offering.


All of us are fully engaged and at your service.


We are all in this together, and together we will come out stronger!


Digitally yours,


Your Tech Tour Team