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Simple Access to Satellite Payloads in LEO, access to on-demand space data at a fraction of the current cost and ever-growing connectivity for SDG Early Adopters.

Join our Space Data Gateway Webinar and explore opportunities that open to the users in the project’s Early Adopters’ Programme.

Wednesday 17th March 2021 13:45 CET

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Space Data Gateway (SDG) is an Intelligent NanoSat Communication service in Low Earth orbit (LEO), capable of transmitting on-demand space data at a fraction of the cost - as low as 5 EUR per GB for commercial and academic users to get on-demand space data directly through standard cloud service. With 65% on average lower price of NanoSat missions and Data transmission speed 150 Mbps and above for Early Adopters, the in-demand access to a given LEO satellite is an advantage to be strongly considered.

Space Data Gateway (SDG) is a Horizon2020 funded project creating a LEO data relay network for EO satellite operators and introducing disruptive new services which will enable up to 10x more data per NanoSat mission at a fraction of the market cost. The network will empower its customers to switch completely from traditional Ground segment solutions to in-space on-demand connectivity and satellite operations.

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