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    Join the most vibrant innovation community in Europe

    Great innovation is driven by partnering with the most successful entrepreneurs, investors and corporate partners. Tech Tour has built an active innovation community and has been animating successful events for nearly 20 years.

    Now our vibrant community is moving online. Find out how you can participate to grow your visibility and impact across borders.

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    Scale-up your innovation journey

    Entrepreneurs are at the very heart of our Community and it is thanks to them that we can showcase the brilliant innovations happening right now in Europe. Entrepreneurs can engage with our Community through both online and offline channels.

    We work with you to build recognition and credibility, and provide you with real feedback and reviews from active investors and corporate innovation units to take you to the next stage of growth.

  • Investors


    Get to the heart of tech innovation

    Tech Tour provides difficult to find insider information about tech start-ups and emergent technologies. Our platform identifies, pre-qualifies and boosts “hidden gems” across Europe and the world.

    We provide reliable access to industry insights in up-and-coming, high-growth potential sectors, across four tech tracks including Digital Tech, Cleantech & Industry Tech, Fintech, and Healthtech.

  • Experts


    Share your expertise

    For each event we work closely with the local team which includes a President, who organises the agenda and works with a small team including a VP Selection Committee and a VP Sponsorship and Operations.

    The local team varies and is voluntary. They are either regionally placed or are an industry expert in the case of the vertical summits. Part of the uniqueness of the Tech Tour is that each event is run by a new team so it never follows exactly the same process and is always fresh. That means each event is planned with undiminished enthusiasm and drive.

  • Corporates


    Improve your venture & corporate development activities

    Corporates can enhance their go-to market strategy and immerse themselves into a network of global players within the Tech Tour Community. Our platform provides you with expert-reviewed companies to facilitate decision making when it comes to enhancing your go-to market strategy.

    Find out how our corporate partners have benefited in the Tech Tour Community.

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    Discover our Partners

    Tech Tour is built on strong and lasting partnerships. Our Partners gain recognition with our strong membership base and are a vital building block to the Community. With their knowledge and expertise of the industry they are often sought as speakers and experts at our events, further increasing their visibility.

    Our Hosting Partners in particular play an important role in increasing the visibility of the best companies in their areas, making it easier for us to showcase innovation across borders. Discover who our Partners are and how you can participate.


  • Few events in Europe are put together as passionately as Tech Tour. The number of high quality deep tech companies always surprises me, and this is down to Tech Tour's curation of both the best entrepreneurs and investors.

    Scott Sage, Angel Investor, Crane Venture Partners

    Another stimulating and positive event – celebrating the great growth companies in the European ecosystem.

    Anne Glover, CEO, Amadeus Capital

  • Tech Tour is a fantastic place to get a window into what is happening from the eyes of the start-ups, entrepreneurs and investors and comparing notes and perspectives on that next horizon of innovation. You really get your head above the parapet to see what is happening in areas related to where you are today but also in completely different areas, it’s very thought provoking and informative.

    Moneshia zu Eltz, Head Strategic Alliances and Corporate Venturing, Philips

    I really enjoyed the conference and honestly can say it was one of the more interesting conference I have attended recently. When I go to a US conference I generally know all the companies that are present already and as a result the content is not very helpful and the value is purely in the networking. Almost all of the companies were new to me and I find that the press does not cover European start-ups very well. I thought the venue, length of conference, amenities, and networking were great.

    Steven Yecies, Venture Partner, OrbiMed Advisors

  • Tech Tour is one of the best market places in Europe for creating value between ventures and investors, and discovering the next wave of European leaders who will have worldwide impact.

    Jean-François Baril, Founder & Managing Partner, Ginko Ventures

    Eric Archambeau, General Partner, Wellington Partners & George Coelho, Good Energies

  • The Healthtech Summit is a truly fantastic event bringing the whole ecosystem together, with emerging companies, entrepreneurs, corporates, investors and regulatory bodies who are becoming more and more important. It's mainly European, most of the discussions are about opportunities in Europe realising that obviously the US is still the biggest market but Europe has an amazing interest in innovation.

    Angelo De Rosa, VP Marketing Europe, Boston Scientific

    It was a pleasure to attend the event and contribute. I thought the quality of presentations was very good, and shows that the selection committee did a lot of work and filtered it well.

    Walter Masalin, Principal, Nokia Growth Partners