Connecting tech entrepreneurs to scale big and change the world

Our community platform connects tech entrepreneurs with investors, experts, coaches, and regions to realize their bold ambition and build successful partnerships.

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Pitch and collaborate with investors one on one if selected

  • Pitching Sessions with 1:1 investor to enterpreur ratio
  • One2one meetings
  • Number of active entrepreneurs and investors
  • Meet with representatives of 10 regions and 40 large corporates
  • 1000 pitching/ contact exchange sessions
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Coinvest with the most active peers on the European scene

  • Investor-only sessions in 3 sectors – healthtech, digital and sustainability
  • Deal syndication sessions
  • Selection committee seats
  • Nominate your portfolio companies to the Selection committee
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Tech sectors in focus

Tech enterpreneurs in 3 sectors - healthtech, digital, and sustainability, can take part. To help focus on the right companies they are clustered into subsectors, that we call tracks.

Digital incl

Deep Tech, Photonics, Hardware & Systems, Software, Space Tech & Quantum, XR Technologies

Healthtech incl

Medtech, Digital health, Pharmaceuticals, Biotech

Sustainability incl

Energy, Bioeconomy, Food, Ocean, Environment, Materials

Bringing entrepreneurs and investors together

Our online platform and sessions enable entrepreneurs to work closely with investors and coaches within their subsector and allow investors to share industry knowledge and join deal syndication meetings.


1 year journey which includes pitching sessions, exchanging contacts with peers and coaches and speed dating with participants


20 000 profiles in the last 3 years pre-checked by active investors . Filled in profiles and presentations of participants ,One2one and messaging tools

Live events

24 hours packed with coaching, pitching and one2one meetings (if the government restrictions allow for it)

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Our partners

Our story

It all started 20+ years ago by investors recognizing the need to meet with companies from different countries in Europe. The first tech tours were organized by volunteers – imagine 40 investors getting together on a bus and travelling for 3 days across Switzerland to meet companies. Some pitches took place on the bus.

This is how Tech Tour was born. Since then we have been supporting our community to build real, personal relationships, by creating a space that is highly selective and sector focused.

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