Frequently Asked Questions



1.  I would like to know more about the event

Tech Tour events are usually 1-1.5 days networking events with pitching sessions, plenary sessions and networking time, including also pre-scheduled One2One meetings. The onsite events are part of a programme, including 10-12 live and online sessions and services, delivered over a period of a few months. A timeline and short description of each session/service of a specific programme are available under the "Sessions" tab of the respective event website. A general overview is available here.


2.  Is the event only meant for investment or are there any other benefits associated with it?

Tech Tour events are mainly focused on helping entrepreneurs to grow and investors to scout companies, and we do this by fostering matchmaking and partnering and by helping entrepreneurs to boost their investment readiness.


3.  Is the event open to companies outside of Europe?

Yes, if companies are interested in expanding to Europe and or being in contact with investors/partners based in Europe


4.  Do I have to pay any fee to participate?

А presentation fee is applied to all selected companies. A second company member will be charged a discounted participation fee.Investors part of the Expert Jury and Selection Panel participate free of charge with one company representative. A second representative is charged a participation fee.All other participants should purchase a ticket to participate at Tech Tour's events. Participants of the onsite events should take care of their own travel and accommodation costs


5.  Will we be able to present in person, if we get selected to present our company?

Yes, if health and travel conditions allow conducting an onsite event.


6.  What is the goal of the programme?

Finding the right investor that will help the company grow not only by funding it but also by providing invaluable advice, in-depth knowledge of the specific sector and the right strategic partnerships is an arduous undertaking. That is why we developed our programmes – to have ample time to meet, speak and build a relationship with the investors and to be investment ready before taking the plunge.


7.  What is the format of the pitching sessions?

Typically - 5 minutes pitch + 4-5 minutes Q&A – may vary depending on agenda. At Tech Tour we have different formats for the different sessions that include elevator pitches, coaching sessions, and pitching sessions.

Elevator pitches are between 30 to a maximum of 60 seconds.

For some pitching sessions, we have between 10-15 minutes per presenting company, including 5-8 minutes for pitching and 5-7 minutes for Q&A and review by Expert Jury members. The time depends on the specific event agenda and/or if the event is onsite or online, being shorter online.

For coaching sessions, we have 20 minutes per presenting company, including 5-8 minutes for a pitch (depending on what is the exact length of the pitch for the specific event) and 13-15 minutes for feedback.


8.  What type of presentation deck should the applicants upload?

Applicants should upload an investor's slide deck (for reading and/or for pitching), but definitely not a sales-oriented one. Applicants can check some tips shared at the Online Academy sessions when Tech Tour shares also training on what are the key points to be covered in an investor presentation. The applicants should at least cover in the presentation/application profile the topics that are part of the selection criteria, so that the Selection Panel members have sufficient info to assess them.

Applicant companies should upload an investor-oriented deck. Please be aware that during the selection phase it will be visible to all selection committee members, and if selected it will be visible to all participants of the event. You will have the opportunity to change the deck after the selection if you want to share a different one with the whole public of the event.


9.  What are the dates of the selection process?

You can view the selection process dates for your event under the “Selection” tab of your event. It normally takes 2-3 weeks after the application deadline for it to be completed.


10.  How to arrange one2one meetings

Via the Tech Tour Community Platform – from the One2One meetings tab of your profile. Short Video tutorial/demo, available here


11.  What should I include in my pitch?

Depending on the amount of time you have for your pitch, you need to include different elements from your investor presentation. See our recommendations in this short video tutorial here . Key points to include are what is the problem you are solving, what is your solution, why you and who is part of your team, how big is your market and what are you looking for (investment, strategic partnership, team members, members for your advisory board).


12.  Who is the contact person from the team responsible for the companies?

Each programme has a specific person – Project Manager and/or Assistant Project Manager, responsible for the companies. You can check the event website under tab “Team” to find the contact details of the person for your programme.


13.  How can I watch the recordings from the online sessions?

Recordings are shared with the participants of the session after the session and/or upon request to all Tech Tour Investors Club (IVC) Members.


14.  What is Selection Panel and what is the selection process?

The Selection Panel is a group of 20-30 investors, corporates, and experts in the field of the respective programme/event, who nominate companies, review applications, and select the companies that will present at the respective event. The Selection Process is when the Selection Panel members are reviewing the submitted company applications and giving scores on the 6 selection criteria to select the top presenting company for a specific event.


15.  What should I include in my application?

The information you include in your application will be the details based on which the Selection Panel members will give you their scores.

After you register as a presenting company for a specific event you must complete the entire application form to take part in the Selection process. To receive better scores, make sure you fill in all the different sections of the application.

The application form includes different sections - general information for the applying person/organization and specific project details. The most important part is filling in the project details section.

If you have participated in a previous Tech Tour event you could re-use previous project details and update them if/where relevant). Information regarding financials is not mandatory. It is particularly important to attach your company’s most recent investor slide deck.


16.  Can I get access to my selection review/pitching review scores?

Yes , the individual selection and pitching review scores are available in the Tech Tour Community Platform and upon request to your contact person at Tech Tour.


17.  Can I bring additional company members?

Each selected company can participate free of charge with 1 representative attending the Tech Tour onsite events and/or more representatives for the online academy and online pitching sessions. Kindly note that a contribution fee will be asked for additional presenters/company representatives. Please check with the Project Manager in charge.


18.  Is it relevant for me to apply if I am currently not fundraising?

Yes, if you are looking for strategic partnerships or visibility in front of investors – to get to know you and have you on their radar in case you will be fundraising in the next few years. Being known and meeting investors over several Tech Tour events could help you build trust and help them see your development over time.


19.  Can I pitch online only, or do I also have to be present at the onsite event?

Usually yes, but this depends on whether the programme has both onsite and online pitching sessions. If the programme has Onsite Event only, then it won’t be possible to pitch online. Check the event website and/or with your contact person at Tech Tour if there is an online option for the specific programme you are interested in.


20.  What are the selection criteria for the application/selection?

Selection criteria are - Business potential, Team experience, Product / Technology merit, Competitive position, Investment or partnering interest Offer, and Project profile quality. See selection criteria here .


21.  Is there an option for a Booth at the event?

Yes, it is possible, depending on the venue/event specifics. Check with your contact person at Tech Tour if there is such an option and what are the conditions for having a booth at the event you are attending. Please note that there will be a fee associated with it.


22.  What do we get as a selected company / award winner?

Selected companies get visibility and networking opportunities through:
- Review and selection by Selection Panel of active investors
- Recognition as a Selected / Awarded Company
- Online coaching opportunities
- Further Onsite & Online pitching opportunities
- Further Onsite & Online One2One meeting opportunities
- Opportunity to be selected as Award Winner and be invited to Tech Tour`s flagship event.
- Invitations Service if relevant guests nominated


23.  How much do companies raise at TT events?

Tech Tour events are a place to meet a selected group of people and foster potential partnerships. The total amount of investment raised by companies attending Tech Tour events between 2016-2022 is 18.6 Bln (Source: Dealroom). Raising an investment typically is a long process and Tech Tour cannot claim if an investment will follow because of attending an event . Between 2016 and 2022 there were 3059 selected presenting companies. The number of companies raising funding is 2915. 95% of companies raised funding. 70% of the total raised funding historically after presenting at Tech Tour. Click here for full information


24.  Who can see my profile? Do they sign an NDA?

During the application/selection period for a specific programme/event – the company’s application profile is accessible to the Selection Panel members for the respective programme/event, as well as the Tech Tour Investors Club (IVC) Members. After the selection process is finalized, the selected and confirmed presenting companies are announced and their profiles become available for the confirmed participants of the respective programme, as well as the Investors Club Members. Companies are welcome to update/revise the content of their profiles and if they wish – they can also reduce the information in their profiles after the selection process is over. No NDAs are being signed, so it is recommended that companies include in their profiles only information they feel comfortable sharing in front of investors and in public.