• Tech Tour Growth Events

    Tech Tour hosts a number of sector specific and regional events each year to showcase the best growth stage companies in Europe. Growth companies are typically looking for their next later stage round of international funding or their exit in 2 or 3 years.

  • Tech Tour Emerging Events

    The Tech Tour European Venture Contest showcases selected emerging technology companies to venture capital, corporate and angel investors looking for new invesment opportunities, through qualifying Venture Forums. The forums are very interactive gatherings with equal participation from presenting emerging companies and investor jury members.

  • Tech Tour IVC Events

    Roundtables are invitation-only meetups for investors, typically members of the International Venture Club (IVC) and selected guests. The IVC hosts a yearly flagship event, Smart Capital, as well as targeted IVC roundtable sessions during Tech Tour’s 5 yearly Growth Events. A specific programme is arranged before each roundtable and Europe’s most active investors have the opportunity to debate and share insight on investment opportunities, best practices and current trends under the Chatham House Rule.

  • Tech Tour EU Projects

    The European Commission funded projects are aimed to further the interests of the EU and to contribute to the creation of a Digital Single Market for innovation and entrepreneurship. The projects where Tech Tour is active are focused mainly on facilitating tech spin-offs and start-ups to be investment or partner-ready and to access finance, partnerships and markets across the EU and internationally.

  • Tech Tour Partner Events

    Tech Tour partner events are cross-promoted on our platform. View details on upcoming partner events here.