Meet the Tech Tour Team

Regional Tech Tour or Industry Summit Experts

For each event we work closely with the local team which includes a President, who organises the agenda and works with a small team including a VP Selection Committee and a VP Sponsorship and Operations. 

The team varies and is voluntary. They are either regionally placed or are an industry expert. Part of the uniqueness of Tech Tour is that each event is run by a new team so never follows exactly the same process meaning each event is planned with undiminished enthusiasm and drive. 

Each President and his/her committee of around 15-20 professionals have a mission to identify the most attractive start up projects in their region or segment and to organise a 2 and a half day event. During each event, participants have the opportunity to discover an average of 25 selected companies. 

The benefit of being a Tech Tour President includes increased visibility among members, sponsors and the media, not to mention the many benefits of being involved in such a dynamic organisation.

Tech Tour Presidents