Join the cream of Trentino ICT research and companies

 Join the cream of Trentino ICT research and companies in Trento – find your business and research partners

The Trentino Technology Tour helps build and showcase the ICT strength of Trento region within Europe – bringing the cream of Trento technologies, research platforms and young ambitious companies to a European audience of selected investors and entrepreneurs.

The Trentino Technology Tour offers training and networking for entrepreneurs and R&D leaders, plus focused exposure to Europe-wide investors and experts from the communication technology sector. This is a unique opportunity to connect with the whole value chain of technology innovation, from R&D leaders via entrepreneurs and investors to international corporations with global market access.


Who should be involved?

  • From the Trento region: If you are a researcher, young company, investor or corporation – be there to be showcased to Europe
  • From wider Europe: If you are a young company, investor or corporation – join the cream of the Trento region ICT platform and create a focal point for European partnering and investment