The European Tech Tour Association launched its newest vertical event with its inaugural Cloud & ICT 2.0 Summit, the Catalyst of the Cloud Computing Industry in Europe. Its focus was on celebrating entrepreneurship and innovation in Europe and on raising global awareness for the top 25+ European start-up companies in the cloud computing field that are making their mark in the industry.


The Cloud & ICT 2.0 Summit was held on 17-18 November 2010 in Lausanne and Geneva, Switzerland.



To identify the upcoming and leading top 25+ high-growth privately held Cloud Computing companies in Europe and to introduce them to key European, US and Asian investors and professionals who can assist in their global expansion.

Why should you attend?

The Cloud & ICT 2.0 Summit is the most time-efficient way to see a complete snapshot of the Cloud Computing ecosystem in Europe. In just 1-1/2 days you have the opportunity to:
  • 1. Gain Unique Insights into the Cloud Computing opportunity: The Cloud & ICT 2.0 Summit is the only event that gathers insiders, start-ups and venture capitalists to delve into the heart of one of today's most exciting ICT-related topics.

    2. Discover Emerging Solutions that have the potential to disrupt existing ways of doing business, establish new markets and provide investors with exciting new growth opportunities.

    3. Network with those shaping tomorrow′s ICT industry landscape: Cloud & ICT 2.0 Summit's participants represent top players in the cloud computing industry at both European and worldwide level.