An overview of the fast track approach for Cleantech and ICT entrepreneurs from North Rhine-Westphalia. 

The challenge
In North Rhine-Wesphalia there is a tremendous proliferation of creative ventures within clean technology and ICT sector with aspirations to grow. Many will manage to generate some revenues and perhaps become self-sustaining. A few will manage continuous growth locally, and even fewer will manage international expansion. 
The growth phase of any business can be a frightening experience for any entrepreneur given a burst in the demands on capital, expertise, speed, different cultures, changing market requirements, expanded headcount, and increasing competitive pressures. Most will repeat the same errors many entrepreneurs before them have made, which cost time to market, and money – many of which are avoidable. 
The approach  
This programme is designed to provide a source of support to help young ventures increase their chances of success by leveraging the knowledge of seasoned professionals in this field of growth.
A group of seasoned entrepreneurs and coaches will come together between October 2011 and January 2012 to share their experience with the CEOs of companies that want to grow.  The format is structured to enable direct contact in person and through live Webex engagements to connect, share best practices and challenge ideas and to receive direct feedback from the experts and from peers on each participant’s unique situation.  This is not a cookie cutter formula format.  This is not a typical classroom environment, but a hands-on, interactive design. You are the content, the format is the facilitator.
The goal is to help companies get the funding they require in an accelerated time line by:
  • avoiding the typical pitfalls
  • exposure to people with the money
  • fine tuned pitches and presentations skills

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