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The Nordic region is recognized as the most entrepreneurial region within Europe by the OECD and every year, the Nordic Venture Forum showcases the highest potential companies in ICT, Lifesciences and Cleantech (2011 programme).

The Nordic Venture Forum has established an impressive history of over 60% of presenting companies raising new investments following participation. Over the years, the forum has established itself as the event that best promotes the innovative, attractive and rewarding investment environment of the Nordic and Baltic countries.


Nordic Venture 50

Once again the most promising 50 companies were selected for the Nordic Venture 50 to present before an audience of Nordic and international venture capital, corporate investors and strategic partners.

  • Headquarters in the Nordic (Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland) or Baltic (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) countries.
  • Active and innovative either in ICT, Lifesciences or Cleantech.
  • Seeking growth funding in the next 24 months.

Furthermore, 10 additional early-stage companies were also presenting onsite, thus complementing the view of the Nordic spectrum and helping identify tomorrow’s Nordic Venture 50!