About the Cleantech Growth Arena in Milan


Cleantech Growth Arena:

  • Invitation-only
  • Co-organised by the International Venture Club and Intesa San Paolo
  • Hosted by Intesa San Paolo
  • 20-25 selected venture-backed cleantech companies in the growth phase showcase their development and needs
  • Attended by international and Italian corporate partners, institutional investors, family offices and specialized venture and private equity funds, as invited by Intesa San Paolo and the European Venture Club


  • provide excellent visibility and contacts for the Members of the European Venture Club and its nominated companies
  • promote a positive and successful image of the European and venture sector and its investors and the Club Members


Participants 3 October: approx 120 people

  • 35/40 International Venture Club Members
  • 20/25 Entrepreneurs representing the Selected Presenting Companies
  • Delegates from Italy and international
    • Industrial investors and partners
    • Private equity and institutional investors
    • Investment banks and placement agents
    • Specialised cleantech venture capital investors
    • Family offices, foundations and wealthy individuals