Mobile Big Data October November 11

Emminvest is organizing a new webinar to get a head start and begin with meeting likeminded investors and some of the most successful mobile service companies from the 2014 EMMINVEST Coaching Track.

Mobile Big Data is much more than tracking the customers that purchase one of your products from a mobile device. Any piece of data that can be originated from a mobile “source” or device opens a new business opportunity, both for manufacturers and for data analysts. Identifying those sources and the information that companies can get from them is vital to the Big Data industry and will later increase the revenue of the companies behind them. But the infrastructure required to process all this data is expensive and companies still need well-trained people to get the most out of the data. Sharing and enriching the information is key to success on this new scenario.

How does it work

The Webinar is free of charge and will be held in two sessions.

Session 1     (40 minutes)

Expert investors in the field will present their activities, focus areas and portfolio.
A Question and Answer round will be held with other investors from Europe

- Short break-

Session 2  (40 minutes)

Five pre- selected and coached companies pitch their mobile solutions. Each of the companies is actively looking for capital.

Review will be based on standard criteria (investors will send EMMINVEST the Top3 companies). EMMINVEST decides based on the selection process who can attend the European Venture Summit.

European Venture Summit

Also check out the
European Venture Summit (EVS) Dusseldorf, Germany, 8 & 9 December - the Venture Capital industry's annual get-together! EMMINVEST welcomes you as an Expert Jury to attend free of charge as Jury Member and network with over 120 companies and 100+ investors present. In addition, your full profile would receive a prominent place both online and in all related conference materials.

To register and for more information, please send an e-mail to lana@e-unlimited.com.
Deadline of registration: 9 November