HealthTech Growth Academy

The HealthTech Growth Academy, first edition ever of this program, will be held on October 28 & 29 in Aarhus, Denmark. The academy will unite 20 selected expansion/growth stage health-tech companies and 20 VCs, corporate VCs, angels and corporate finance professionals. The program will see a balanced and varied succession of company pitching sessions, corporate presentations, and interactive panel discussions and workshops focused on this year’s theme of partnering & growth. Besides these, there will also be dedicated networking sessions and a networking dinner.

The academy provides the perfect opportunity for innovators and funders to engage in a collaborative setting. Following every company presentation, the attending corporates, VCs and industry experts will provide strategic recommendations to take respective company to the next level of development. Through this academy, entrepreneurs will learn from the funders and acquirers about how to address their next challenge, be it funding, partnering, or fine-tuning business model.

Sector focus:

  • Digital Health
  • MedTech
  • Pharma and personalized medicine

In a nutshell:

  • Theme: Partnering & Growth
  • 1,5 days to engage with successful company builders, innovators and investors
  • Inter-active presentation sessions, corporate presentations, workshops
  • 20 growth companies selected to present
  • 50+ participants including corporate innovation leaders, VCs and industry experts

Why join us?

  • High-quality investment & partnering opportunities: pre-screened companies
  • Detailed participant profiles and meeting facilitation upfront to effectively planned one2one meetings
  • Networking with corporate decision makers, investors & entrepreneurs
  • Meeting the money: participating investors represent over $10 billion in invested capital
  • Raising visibility through online and live expose; PR opportunities with press.
MTIC Invest in Denmark City of Aarhus


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