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Finpro helps Finnish SMEs go international, encourages foreign direct investment in Finland and promotes travel to Finland. Finpro is a public organization consisting of Export FinlandVisit Finland and Invest in Finland. Our almost 300 professionals work in 36 Trade Centers in 31 countries and 6 offices in Finland. In Team Finland, Finpro manages almost 40 significant Growth Programs such as Cleantech Finland, Food from Finland and FinlandCare. Through the Growth Programs, Team Finland helps hundreds of Finnish companies enter the international market and attracts investments from around the world to Finland. 




Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation
Tekes is the most important publicly funded expert organisation for financing research, development and innovation in Finland.
Tekes boosts wide-ranging innovation activities in research communities, industry and service sectors. Tekes promotes a broad-based view on innovation: besides funding technological breakthroughs, Tekes emphasises the significance of service-related, design, business, and social innovations.



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Health 2.0 is the leading showcase of cutting edge innovation that's transforming health and health care, bringing a fresh approach to the space. It brings together the best minds, resources and technology for compelling panels, discussions and product demonstrations.


For entrepreneurs who are transforming healthcare, StartUp Health Academy is a global, long-term coaching program and trusted peer network focused on increasing the equity value of its startups. Unlike traditional accelerators, StartUp Health Academy’s full-time team of entrepreneur coaches provide unparalleled programming and access to relationships for every stage of a company’s lifecycle innovation in the life sciences, including drug discovery and development.




About Bio-IT World 

Part of Healthtech Publishing, Bio-IT World provides outstanding coverage of cutting-edge trends and technologies that impact the management and analysis of life sciences data, including next-generation sequencing, drug discovery, predictive and systems biology, informatics tools, clinical trials, and personalized medicine. Through a variety of sources, including, Weekly Update Newsletter and the Bio-IT World News Bulletins, Bio-IT World is a leading source of news and opinion on technology and strategic innovation in the life sciences, including drug discovery and development.



Healthware International is a next-generation healthcare communications agency, combining in a unique blend consulting and creative services with innovation and technology capabilities able to deliver value to existing and emerging healthcare stakeholders. Established about twenty years ago in Italy, Healthware is now an independent global company consistently ranked among the top 100 healthcare communications agencies worldwide, with presence in London, Milan, New York, Rome and Salerno.



Looking for an Investor, Partner or Pilot Study? mHealth Israel, Feb 18 in Tel Aviv, is the BEST place to engage with more than 40 C-level executives from top US / EU / China healthcare market leaders. This includes more than a dozen major hospitals (such as the #1 or #2 group from India, Germany and France). All attendees will have the opportunity to arrange 1×1 meetings. The event is organized by mHealth Israel, a non-profit organization for entrepreneurs addressing healthcare innovation. It is the largest community for digital health entrepreneurship in Israel, with frequent Meetups, bi-annual conferences, Roadshows, LinkedIn Group, Database, etc.