Overview Tech Tour 2018 Growth Summit

Europe's boldest CEOs and their investor shareholders brought together!

The Tech Tour Growth Summit will take place on 22-23 March, 2018 in Geneva & Lausanne and will bring together 50+ of Europe's boldest CEOs - the entrepreneurs with the vision and drive to build game changing businesses.



The Growth Summit's 5th edition will build on the success of the previous editions and will showcase the best European growth stage entrepreneurs, providing significant visibility and media coverage for the CEOs. The CEOs will be celebrated over the networking dinner of the Tech Tour Growth Award and Growth50 Listing.


The Tech Tour 2018 Growth Award and Growth 50

The 12th edition of the Tech Tour Growth Awards will take place at the Networking Dinner in Lausanne and two new CEO's will be celebrated. The dinner will also feature the 4th edition of the Tech Tour Growth50, a list of the top growth companies in Europe.

Global Partners



Founded in 1805 in Geneva, Pictet & Cie is today one of Switzerland’s largest private banks, and the leading independent asset management specialist in Europe, with CHF 492 billion (EUR 430 billion) in assets under management and custody at September 2017. Pictet & Cie is a partnership owned and managed by eight general partners with unlimited liability for the bank’s commitments. The Pictet Group, based in Geneva, employs more than 4100 staff. The group has offices in the following financial centres: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Basel, Dubai, Florence, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Lausanne, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Milan, Montreal, Nassau, Osaka, Paris, Rome, Singapore, Stuttgart, Taipei, Turin, Tokyo and Zurich.



With more than 1,800 technology clients, Orrick is a leading global law firm renowned for its experience as a specialist adviser to high-growth technology companies and lead investors in the industry. We regularly advise industry leaders, from incubation through their strategic exit and other growth opportunities. We are able to offer diverse resources, including expert knowledge accrued from years of intimate work with founders, deep-rooted relationships with venture capitalists and angel investors, as well as critical insight into this rapidly evolving and increasingly competitive marketplace.

Our dominant presence in London and Silicon Valley as well as other leading technology markets such as Los Angeles, New York, Paris, San Francisco and the Far East, sets us apart from our peer firms. With 25 offices throughout Europe, Asia and the US, and an affiliated office in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, our global footprint enables us to scale with our local emerging technology clients and offer seamless service as they grow and expand. We put our network to work for our clients - wherever they are in the world.