Wuhan New Energy Center
Address: Block A8-B, No.999 High-tech Avenue, East Lake High-tech Zone, Wuhan

Located  in  Wuhan,  the  Wuhan  New  Energy  Center  (also  called  the  Energy  Flower)  was designed  to  resemble  a  lily,  with  a  140  meter  tower  in  the  center  surrounded  by  lower towers  in  the  shape  of  flowers  and  covered  in  vegetation.  The  center  tower  expands upwards into a bowl and is coated in a large solar array facing the sun, soaking up rays just like a real plant. A vertical axis wind turbine shoots up out of the center of the tower like a pistil.  Rainwater is collected in the bowl and a 120 meter solar chimney in the tower helps expel hot air from the building while pulling in cooler air below.