“The TechTour provided a great insight in the regional startup scene and offered a very good networking space for investors”

David Zimmer, Managing Director - Coparion

    “As an Asian investor with some exposure to European startups, the Eastern Europe Techtour was an eye opener. It gives me fresh insights into the technical talent and quality of entrepreneurs from the region and the possibility of tapping into their technical innovation for the Asian markets.”

Kay-Mok Ku, Partner – Gobi Ventures

“I would like to congratulate the whole team for the outstanding organisation of the event and the high quality of the startups which were selected. As usual, the ecosystem of VC, investors and corporates was very rich and fruitful. I have to tell you that the last group of entrepreneurs in Sofia made me dream: one was launching satellites in the air, another one was making drones and building airports... no limit with their creativity and ability to make them happen. I wish Tech Tour to keep the same quality of events.”

Pascale Xélot, Program Director Europe - IBM Cloud & Innovation
    “I had the opportunity to attend the Sofia leg of Eastern Europe tech tour. Besides meeting a number of promising startups from, I was struck with constructive environment that will certainly allow many other tech startups to flourish in the years ahead. I left with a desire to get involved in this space and invest in tech companies coming out of Bulgaria.  I would like to thank the sponsors of the event including Almaz Capital for their warm welcome and the team at Tech Tour for a well-organized event.”

Erhan Kilicozlu, Managing Partner – ACT Venture Partners

It’s a great event and quite different from the many conferences which take place around Europe these days. It’s intimate and personal and attracts the most active funds in the space and presents them with the most compelling companies.”

Evgeny Angelov, Partner – PostScriptum Ventures

“The Warsaw event was an excellent chance to see not only some great start-ups, but to meet with other investors and influencers in the Polish start-up scene.  I only wish I had been able to attend the Sofia event as well.”

Roger Blott, Partner – Fil Rouge Capital

    “Eastern European Tech Tour was a high-quality networking event where I met most top investors in the region and got introduced to solid tech companies which were pre-selected by international investor panel.''

Kristjan Laanemaa, Founder and Managing Partner – Karma Venture Capital

"I enjoyed form of execution of an event in Warsaw very much. I liked mix of business meetings with quest and moving as it helps not to get tired and always stay in focus of attention what is very important for our business and investment analysis."

Oksana Mackie-Kaletnyk, Venture Partner – Almaz Capital

    TechTour Sofia was a good balance of quality professional content and interesting startup pitches

Marton Medveczky, Investment Associate - Buran Venture Capital
    “Europe Techtour 2018 event was as good as a VC can hope for - a curated list of companies pitching to fellow VCs interested in the region.”

Daniel Lorer, Founding Partner – BrightCap

Tech Tour comes as the perfect event where international investors can get access to amazing startups from the region. It is also a great chance to meet other investors, corporates and policy makers and introduce them to many opportunities in the Eastern Europe.

Vedran Blagus, Investment Manager – South-Central Ventures