Super Scale-Up Overview


The Mobility Super Scale-up Club Programme is a partnership between European regions seeking to become mobility pioneers and selected super scale-ups and corporates. Through this programme, Club members’ regions offer specific mobility challenges to be solved and a consortium of super scale-ups and corporates is formed to develop and deploy solutions to a specific mobility challenge at scale.

Mission of the Tech Tour Mobility Programme

  • Support the best European mobility tech scale-ups to raise investment, super scale and become world leaders
  • Support innovative regions in their quest to become mobility leaders and offer environmentally friendly, efficient and flexible mobility solutions to their populations
  • Boost the deployment of best-in class innovation solutions for addressing key mobility challenges
  • Help create centers of excellence and high value-added employment opportunities in the mobility sector in the participating regions
  • Cross-fertilize across European regions
  • Facilitate partnerships with governmental agencies and corporations enabling the deployment of mobility solutions regionally and internationally


We will organise the Landing Programme in a few regions in Europe in the next year, which are dedicated to the support and implementation of innovative mobility solutions, aim to solve the most pressing mobility issues in the region and actively support high-tech entrepreneurs across the region.

The first regions to be involved in the Tech Tour Super Scale-up Mobility Programme are the following:


Official Kick-off of the programme

Part of Verbier Mobility Investment Forum (VMIF) Part of Vehicle & Transportation Technology Meetings (VTM) Part of Russian Venture Forum (TBC) Part of Tech Tour Energy Transition (TTET)
15 November 2019

5-6 December 2019

1-2 April 2020 June 2020 November 2020
  Launchpad for innovative projects meeting the specific mobility challenges faced in Alpine regions. Meeting the major European and Italian OEMs, automotive suppliers and mobility decision makers.
Fast track access to the CIS market at the largest venture event in Russia, with the major institutional and private funds and corporates

Tour of the Benelux, focusing on collaboration projects with Europe’s biggest ports – Rotterdam (#1) and Antwerp (#2).


  • Multi-Modal Commuting
  • Charging Infrastructure


  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Digital Mobility Platforms


  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Integrated E-Mobility



  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Industry
  • Software solutions


  • Hydrogen Mobility
  • Maritime Mobility solutions

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