I really enjoyed it and found the talks, workshops and fireside chats very interesting and informative. It was great to meet the other attendees too. Congratulations on a very successful conference!
Ling Ge, Chief European Representative, Tencent
TTGS has been a great occasion for me to have a better feeling of how the European VC scene looks like.
Chris Gay-Crosier, Investment Manager, Investiere


As an European entrepreneur, it is very encouraging to know that scaling a company is possible in Europe. All the money, knowledge and network is demonstrated in this amazing event.
Milie Taing, CEO, Lili.ai
TechTour Growth Summit successfully consolidates a community that is driving the technological development in Europe by coordinated efforts of entrepreneurs, investors, universities and public administration. In 2018, the emphasis on sustainability gave us some extra food for thought. Chapeau.
George Stan, General Manager, Teamnet Suisse
It was very inspiring to be surrounded by some many fellow entrepreneurs and be able to share with them ideas and experiences.
Pere Vallès, CEO, Scytl
  massimo lucchina  

Samsung Corporate Strategy Office is in charge of exploring and creating new business opportunities for Samsung at large; TechTour Growth was a great opportunity to accelerate our understanding of the European market framework, meeting with emerging and promising companies in various sectors which are relevant for our long term strategy.Leading companies and great investor community gathered in Lausanne helped to position Samsung as a key player for Innovation in Europe.

Massimo Lucchina, Senior Director, Samsung SSIC


The 2018 edition of Tech Tour’s Growth Summit exceeded expectations.  The event was extremely well run and featured a very nice mix of top level CEOs and veteran venture investors.  I look forward to returning next year.

Doug Trafelet, Managing Director, Pitchbook


I always enjoy seeing old friends and spending time with leading entrepreneurs. The tech tour growth summit is a great event!

Rob Genieser, Managing Partner, ETF Partners


TechTour Growth 2018 was another great event for the top European growth companies, their investors and the ecosystem. Intimate, informative, innovative. Awesome locations, great networking! A MUST DO event for anyone involved with growth companies.

Falk Müller Veerse, Managing Partner, Bryan, Garnier & Co


I rarely find "CEO events" we such a qualified audience: all participants where CEOs facing the same type of challenges. This is likely a result of the strict selection process applied by the organizers. As a results, the exchanges and discussions as well as the content of the sessions were spot on.

Fabio Ronga, CEO, Beqom


I really enjoyed the quality of the companies and their leadership, from one side, and the quality of the VC community players from the other side. Tech Tour Growth Summit really presented again a great potential of European high tech.

Alexander Sasha Galitsky, Co-Founder, Almaz Capital


What a great gathering of leading investors from across the continent. Met old friends and colleagues, and made some new ones. Listening to Robert Swan OBE was a treat at dinner. And it is always nice to see a portfolio company like Darktrace pick up such a prestigious award from the group.

Hussein Kanji, Founding Partner, Hoxton Ventures


Really great to mix and exchange ideas with other business leaders and to see and hear that they share the same problems, challenges and opportunities whatever the focus of their business.

Andrew Pinnington, CEO, MyTaxi


It is a very interesting experience to take part in the workshops of the 2018 Tech Tour Growth 50 as it allows CEOs to share their today’s routine and concerns about common topics. It is probably the best way to learn from each others and, on the top of that, to get helpful advices and highlights from great experts.

Didier Rappaport, CEO, Happn