Programme Overview

10 online sessions or services for selection, strategy, meetings and recognition.


Selection Panels

Engagement of specialised investors to nominate and assess entrepreneur applications.

13 Oct - 30 Nov

Selection Reviews

Expert investor reviews deliver benchmarking and selection results.

1 Dec - 17 Dec



Kick-off Session

An online meeting to map the specific goals for each of the Entrepreneur Members at the start of the Programme.

11-12 Jan

Academy (online)

Entrepreneur peers and coaches review the plans of the selected Entrepreneurs leading to recommendations.

26-27 Jan

Invitations Service

Guest Invitations service for contributing Entrepreneurs and Experts, as well as Club/Hosts/Partner Members.


Invest Horizon

Entrepreneurs raising Series A can apply to gain support via Trust Groups - financed by the EU in assoc. with Eureka.  



Opening Tour and Pitching (online)

Overview of Hosts, Partners, selected Entrepreneurs and engaged Investors & Partners. Invitation-only online Sessions with Pitch, Presentation and Speed-dating with Guests. 

9-10 Feb


Pre-scheduled & confirmed 15-minute-slots per meeting.



World Tour

Winners of Programme are invited to additional online sessions with international investor guests.


Wall of Honour

Online visibility and recognition for Hosts, Partners and top rated Entrepreneurs.