Presenting Company

Application is FREE*

Applications deadline:
 26 June 2020

Why should you participate?

Because the programme gives you the opportunity to:

  • Become Visible & Raise Funding
    All applicants are reviewed by at least 2 investor members; Selected companies are invited to a structured series of online and live matching sessions;
  • Scale through Partnerships
    Help to expand to new markets, reach greater practical improvements;
  • Develop Personal Insights
    Online peer collaboration with fellow entrepreneurs to find solutions, opportunities;

Expert Member

FREE for 1 programme of choice

Registration deadline:
15 July 2020


Register to express interest in joining the programme as an expert member.

Investor Expert Members are invited to join at one programme of their choice free of charge. For access to multiple programmes, please check the membership options of our Investors Club.




For more information on registration please contact Plamena at

Presenting Companies: Please express your interest to present at the event by completing the application process online. Your application will be reviewed by the investor expert jury. Only successful applicants will be invited to present at the event free of charge.

In terms of companies' development stage the event will cover:

  • Close to market introduction
  • Ready for market introduction
  • Ready for scaling