The Tech Tour Logitech Challenge


Logitech & Tech Tour Scouting Top European Startups

Logitech and Tech Tour joined forces scouting for companies to collaborate on the following technology domains:

  • Digital Health & Wellness: Monitor and care for mind/ body
  • Multimodal Interfaces: Expand the interactions between people and their digital world
  • eSports & Gaming: Unleash the performance of e-athletes
  • Remote Presence & Communications: Immersive experiences to create immersion of presence
  • Sensors, Actuators & AI: foundation technologies to all domains above

 Join one or more domains in the pursuit of unleashing human performance: boost user productivity, creativity, and talents. Contribute towards improving the interaction between humans and the digital world, and their wellbeing in contexts such as physical activity, work, entertainment, gaming, and more. 


Work with us in understanding how we, humans, apprehend and interpret the world around us and how we can design impactful user experience.

with the following Logitech representatives: 


      Sailesh Chutani - CTO                                    Jean-Michel Chardon - Head of AI, CTO Office & Site Leader


The startups will have to meet the following criteria:

  • Be an established company 
  • Showcase at least a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), product or service 
  • Be open to collaborate with Logitech on joint developments and mandates 
  • Able to fully dedicate resources to collaborate with Logitech
  • No minimum staff required 


Become part of the Final 20 European startups and have the opportunity to share how your expertise and technology could support Logitech's domains of interest. All high potential startups will have the following benefits:

  • Collaboration opportunities with Logitech
  • Technology co-development with Logitech teams
  • Licensing of solution via Logitech
  • International exposure to investors
  • And more


The top of the Final presenting European startups will be invited to present at the Tech Tour World Round Table.

Are you the entrepreneur or do you have companies in your portfolio/ network that should be on Logitech’s radar for potential partnership/ investment? If so, please register yourself or encourage companies in your network to register via the link below by November 27, 2020.

The registration process requires:

  • filling out a 1-page online profile; and
  • uploading an investment and/ or partnering presentation

Upon successful registration your profile will be available for review to Logitech and the members of the Selection Committee. The top 20 companies will be invited to present on the eRoundTable of The Tech Tour Logitech Challenge taking place on the 19-20th of January 2021.


If you have any questions regarding this event, please email Florin Ungureanu