Meet the best Space Tech entrepreneurs


The Tech Tour Space 2021 is designed to help European start-ups developing tech solutions in the Space sector or developing applications based on satellite data to boost their investment readiness and build relations with investors.


The Tech Tour Space 2021 is organised by Tech Tour, in collaboration with acceleration and incubation programmes such as Go2Space-Hubs, Point.IoT  – European Union’s Horizon 2020 initiatives- i2cat Foundation - research and innovation center - and the KIMbcn Foundation, experts in knowledge economy and innovation in Catalonia and hosted by the Government of Catalonia, under their NewSpace strategy. 


April- November - Online Programme
  • Investment and partnership around 45 selected companies
  • Innovation in the fields: Satellites as a Service, Digital Space, Optics and Photonics in Space, Space & Planetary infrastructure
  • Emerging phase & Growth: companies seeking bigger seed and series A investments phase or rating series A and B investment
  • Online Programme with 12 online sessions or services for selection, strategy, meetings and recognition
  • Selection or invitation-only for the best entrepreneurs and most active investors, corporations and governmental experts


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The programme is designed to help start-ups developing tech solutions in the following sectors:
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