Presenting Company


Application is FREE

Applications deadline:
16 January 2023



  • Review and selection by Selection Panel of active investors
  • Recognition as a Selected Company
  • Pitching and one2one meeting opportunities
  • Insights into the Sector’s strategies


*Participation at the event is free of charge for only 1 person per Selected Presenting Company.


Expert Jury


FREE for 1 programme of choice

Registration deadline:
 15 March 2023



  • Review of selected Companies
  • Recognition as a Expert Jury Member
  • Expert Jury Member visibility and one2one Meeting opportunities
  • Insights into the Sector’s strategies



1200 EUR

Registration Deadline: 22 March 2023



  • Attendance to the Day Programme 28-29 March
  • Attendance to the Networking Dinner on 28 March
  • Opportunity to schedule Onsite One2One Meetings
  • Networking and Meeting opportunities

IVC Members


FREE for multiple programmes

Registration deadline:
14 March 2023



  • Review of applying Companies
  • Recognition as a Selected Panel Member
  • Selection Panel speaker visibility and one2one Meeting opportunities
  • Insights into the Sector’s strategies


The selection criteria are:

  • Business potential - The potential market of customers for the presented product is attractive and the business model is strong
  • Team experience - Company/project team has skills and experience to grow the business and can work with industry & research entities
  • Product / Technology merit - Technology or product solutions developed are state-of-the-art and well advanced compared to competitors
  • Competitive position - The intellectual property of the company/project and its competences and strategic relations are outstanding
  • Investment or partnering interest - Offer to invest in or partner with your assigned company is well defined and attractive for interested parties
  • Project profile quality - Information available from company/project profile sheet is complete, clear, balanced and convincing


For more information on registration please contact Tina Duleva at


In terms of companies' development stage the event will cover:

  • Close to market introduction
  • Ready for market introduction
  • Ready for scaling