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The Tech Tour Deeptech & Defence 2024 Programme offers investment access to a vast selection on companies in the Deeptech & DefenceTech economy, presenting numerous opportunities to add value to their portfolio and investment strategies.




Why Should You Join the Programme?




With visionary entrepreneurs and influencial investors


(Co)-investment opportunities in ventures with potential for growth


Strategic partnerships that align with your business goals




A series of pitching sessions in one place


Groundbreaking technologies set to re-difine the industry


Valuable insights into fellow investors' strategies








Is This for Me



This programme is tailored for Deeptech & DefenceTech investors aiming to discover and fund companies – from seed to series A or later investment rounds looking to refine their strategies, secure investment, create strategic partnerships, and are interested in new opportunities and approaches.







«What makes the Tech Tour so good? The investors introduce potential companies into the review process, so all companies have already been screened, ensuring the high quality of entries.»
Paul Gillespie
Sheffield Haworth

«The presentations of a top-notch selection of companies and the presence of excellent investors are established as a platform. Tech Tour developed this platform to a “must have” in the VC scene.»
Dieter Kraft
TRUMPF Venture

«Bringing together properly selected startups with an investor community and innovative companies, adding excellent content and success stories made the event unique and valuable. It also is an excellent chance for networking with people with similar interests.»
Branislav Vujovic
New Frontier Group








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Kindly contact Natalia at natalia@techtour.com to receive more information.