AI for HEALTH  |  3-4 December 2024  |  Bochum, Germany



Tech Tour together with Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung is hosting the first edition of the AI for Health programme.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies are playing an increasingly important role in the healthcare industry, having the potential to transform many aspects of patient care, prevention and discovery processes.

The programme of TT AI for health covers the full spectrum of solutions which will drive innovation in these sectors.



Who's attending ?


  • 40+ of the most active investors and corporations in Europe who are part of selection panel nominating, reviewing and selecting the best applying start-up companies
  • 40 of the most promising companies in AI for Health selected by the Selection Panel
  • 100+ relevant speakers, experts, guests and delegates




• Drug and [digital) therapeutics development
• Biomarkers
• Digital clinical trials
• Personalised medicine

• Diagnostics & imaging
• AI for consultation
• Genomic, clinical, personal, activity data cross-analysis
• Predictive modelling

• AI for point of care
• Transcribe & retrieve
• Servicing care & claims
• Accelerated analysis
• Data security and trust


We encourage application from European start-ups looking for Seed – Series B funding in one of the above sectors.





The AI for Health event agenda will include 2 days of:

  • Company pitches
  • Individual meetings
  • Keynotes
  • Panel discussions
  • networking opportunities





• 20 April – 30 September 2024
  Company application period
• 21 October 2024
  Company selection announced
• 30 October 2024
  Entrepreneurs Kick-off
• 19-20 November 2024
  Online Academy
• 3-4 December 2024
  Event in Bochum



Interest to attend?


In order to apply as presenting company, selection panel member or as participant, click HERE.