Measures and declaration in response to the crises in Ukraine


A: The context to support Ukrainian people

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly overwhelmingly adopted a resolution on 2 March 2022 demanding that Russia immediately ends its military operations in the Ukraine (see here). Unfortunately, the Ukraine represents the largest refugee crises since the second world war (see the refugee data here).

B: Tech Tour initiatives in support of Ukrainian families and tech entrepreneurs

Tech Tour Europe SA as a Brussels-based company is donating € 10 thousand to the NGO Techfugees (see news here) to make a humble contribution to the Ukrainian refugees in need of assistance.

C: Declaration for persons and entities that they are not concerned by an EU Council resolution in response to the crises in Ukraine

The Council of the European Union with unanimous support of its 27 Member States, followed by Switzerland, the UK and US and other countries, have taken a series of unprecedented measures in response to the crises (see here). The Council is listing both people and entities that are subject to an asset freeze and a travel ban because their actions have undermined Ukraine's territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence. The list of these sanctioned persons and entities are kept under constant review and are subject to periodic renewals by the Council. They are listed in a series of Council Resolutions (see here)

As Tech Tour organises in person or online services, sessions and events (hereafter called the Tech Tour Activities) where we may have investors or companies taking part who may be controlled by, or benefit, these persons or entities concerned by these entities or persons, we ask all beneficiaries of Tech Tour Activities to abide by the following 4 articles:

  1. All individuals and entities directly concerned by the EU Council Resolutions are to retract, by force majeure, from participation in, or benefit of any Tech Tour Activities.
  2. In the spirit of the measures, Tech Tour feels obliged to ask the same to all participating investors or selected companies which are controlled by 25% or more of the share capital or voting rights by the parties mentioned in article 1.
  3. As it will be impossible to assess the veracity of the identities, shareholding or voting rights of all participating investors and selected companies, they may be asked by Tech Tour staff to sign a declaration of honor (see Link here or below) that they are not concerned by article 1 or 2.
  4. Failure to sign the declaration would allow Tech Tour to withdraw access to the Tech Tour Activities. Tech Tour staff may furthermore assess the veracity of the data referred to in Article 2 and still decide to withdraw access to the Activities.


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