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Francesca Wuttke
Dr. Wuttke is the CEO and Founder of nen, a company committed to aiding children with cancer, their families, and healthcare professionals with pain management.

Dr. Wuttke brings broad drug development and healthcare expertise in both the US and Europe, with over 25 years of clinical, commercial, strategic and transactional experience. She has worked with diverse organisations including startups, consulting, large and specialty pharma as well as academia.

Formerly the Chief Digital Officer of Almirall where she created the Digital Garden to accelerate and incubate digital health startups. Previously she led European investments as Managing Director for the MSD Global Health Innovation Fund, LLC. Prior to that, Dr. Wuttke led Almirall´s Corporate Development Strategy team to transact on both med device and pharma M&A opportunities with a new and targeted focus for the company.

Dr. Wuttke holds a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences and a BA from Cornell University.