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Moneshia zu Eltz
Moneshia is a Partner at Walther Transaction GmbH. Previously, she held numerous executive roles at IBM and served as the VP of Global Alliances, Partnerships & Venture at Philips.

Moneshia brings a background in corporate leadership with more than 25 years in the technology industry as an M&A partnership and venture investment executive. She is focused on a human centric approach to business growth, seeing culture and change as a force for creating sustainable, inclusive and diverse organisations with a higher social impact and business value.

Her most recent positions include Vice President of Global Alliances, Partnerships and Venture for Philips and Director of Corporate M&A for Watson, AI, Software and Services at IBM. Moneshia was responsible for the integration strategy and performance monitoring of over 60 acquisitions and divestitures into IBM, resulting in a patented end to the post-merger integration approach.

Prior to focusing on Corporate Development, Moneshia worked in several disciplines including Management Consulting, Country Competitiveness Benchmarking and field research at Monitor/Deloitte in Venezuela, Japan and South Africa.