The European Tech Tour Association started its activity in 1998. Its founder, Sven Lingjaerde launched the concept when he realized that many European emerging technology companies were lacking appropriate coaching and support when addressing their shift from a local to an international market. The Association was created in Geneva and two board members on top of the founders included Patrick Scherrer, who became the first President of the Swiss TT 1998 and Orianne Cevey-Collins, the event manager who coordinated the first Tech Tour.

In September 1998, the first event organized by the Association took place and was a great success, leading attendees to encourage the extension of the concept to other countries. 40 attendees participated at the Swiss TT 1998 and the program included presentations at EPFL, CSEM and CERN. Some 21 companies presented at the Swiss TT 1998.

The Swiss Tech Tour (Swiss TT) took place on 22-24 September, 1998. The starting point was Montreux and participants visited several leading-edge companies across the western half of the country.

The organizers of the Swiss Tech Tour '98 would like to thank their generous sponsors: Coltrin Associates, Genevest Consulting Group, KBC NV, O-Com, PricewaterhouseCoopers, SG Cowen, and Vision Capital.