The Swedish Tech Tour (Swedish TT) took place on 1-2 September, with an opening dinner on August 31st. The tour covered more than 20 innovative Swedish in both Stockholm and Goeteborg. Highlights of the tour included an opening dinner at Riddarhuset in Stockholm and a special visit taking participants into the future views of Telia Vision Center. Some 43 attendees from 12 countries including Japan, Singapore and the United States attended the Tour.

The President of the Swedish TT '99 was Magnus Berglind, an investment manager with Telia Business Innovation (TBI), the venture capital arm of Telia AB. TBI establishes new businesses in new markets of strategic importance, thus contributing directly to Telia's business renewal, its growth and profitability. The formation of Telia Business Innovation is based on the conviction that information technology will fundamentally change our society. TBI supports individuals and entrepreneurs with technical competence, business know-how and financing.