“It is about getting excited about connections, rather than nervous”

Tim Berners Lee


  • Present next generation internet technologies & applications
  • Get together potential entrepreneurs, investors & partners
  • Gain strategic business insight into the projects

 Introduction by the Hosts

OKKAM is a large-scale Integrated Project funded by the European Commission’s 7th Research Framework Programme. It involves 12 Partners, lead by the University of Trento (UNITN) in Northern Italy.

The goal of OKKAM is to enable the Web of Entities through the creation and support of an Entity Name System so that the World Wide Web (WWW) may be a much smarter global digital space. OKKAM would allow the WWW domain of entities to be extended beyond digital entities to include all possible objects such as products, organizations, events, people, etc and relations beyond hyper links to any type of relation.

We will present the OKKAM commercialization plans at the Web 3.0. Venture Academy and look forward to discussing these with potential entrepreneurs, partners, advisors and investors.

Prof. Dr. Paolo Bouquet
University of Trento
OKKAM Coordinator

OKKAM and its Partners are at the forefront of the next generation of Internet Technologies. The resources and the people involved are absolutely world-class.

We assist OKKAM and its partners in their commercialization plans so that the technologies, knowledge and teams developed can make their best contribution to the market.

We believe that the initial business plans of selected partners will be highly interesting to potential entrepreneurs, partners, advisors and investors providing a strategic business insight to all of the invitation-only participants into potentially very rewarding business opportunities in the Web 3.0. space

William Stevens
Europe Unlimited
OKKAM Partner

 For more detailed information about OKKAM please follow this link.