The NRW Venture Academy will take place on November 4th at Bio Campus Cologne.

The event aims to better engage, select and prepare the NRW companies for the online selection to present at the Tech Tour Contest Final, on 9-10 December in Essen.

The Final will present 175+ European innovative companies in the Digital, Healthcare and Sustainability sectors to an international audience of investors, key corporates and innovation experts.

Key Benefits for Entrepreneurs:

  • Get your business ready for investors.
  • Increase your chance to pitch at the Tech Tour Contest Final.
  • Clarify your company’s Unique Selling Proposition.
  • Learn to communicate your value to investors.
  • Prepare, present and perfect a 5 minutes investor PowerPoint presentation.
  • Visibility through our website, conference binder and social media channels.












The NRW Venture Academy consists of a full day of Investor Readiness preparation run by selected international and local mentors fine-tuning business models and sharpening business propositions of the participating entrepreneurs. The workshop will provide entrepreneurs with necessary tools to obtain funding, grow, and make the most out of the summit. Besides boosting the interaction between mentors and entrepreneurs, the NRW Venture Academy is an excellent opportunity for the entrepreneurs to learn from each other and create a peer group.


The keynote speech: 

Ron Meyer, CEO of InfaDX AG 


InfanDx has won the Tech Tour Contest Final in 2013. In the meantime the company has been through two financial rounds and has established their labs at the BioCampus Cologne.

InfanDx AG develops the first point-of-care (POC) diagnostic test to detect perinatal asphyxia (oxygen deficit during birth) and subsequent brain damage to meet a high medical need in pediatrics.

Ron Meyer, CEO will share their success story at the NRW Venture Academy.


  • 50 attendees in total
  • 12 mentors 
  • 30 entrepreneur representatives 
  • Invitation-only guests