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EFFECT Photonics has a bold vision – to deliver internet bandwidth to every person on earth. The team aims to do that by leveraging photonic integration.

What Makes EFFECT Photonics Unique?

“We want to bring internet bandwidth out to where people are, to enable them to live rich interconnected lives in the 21st century,” shares James Regan, CEO of EFFECT Photonics.

To do that, they are taking expensive high-performance optical fibre communications technologies applied at the network core, and integrating them into Photonic Integrated Circuits to make products that are low-cost and easy-to-deploy, as well as reducing energy consumption.

Just as the birth of electronic ICs took computing power out from the labs of large companies and put it in people’s pockets, EFFECT Photonics wants the photonic IC to do the same for bandwidth. Their first products are used in 5G networks to bring increased bandwidth to the cell towers, but they have a lot more in development.

The company’s strategy embraces photonics innovation — the cloud and the data centre, IoT, and 5G. They are all bound together by the goal of bringing affordable and scalable Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) to the edges of the network.

Client Success Story

Europe is on a path to a more responsible and sustainable raw materials sector.

“Our lead customer is highly innovative. They had a lot of input to the product, and we have built a real partnership. They are now marketing it at the core of their solution for 5G optical networking, and we support them in every way we can,” says Mr. Regan.

Biggest Achievements

“I think what we are now demonstrating for the next generation, where we have been able to put an entire ‘coherent’ optical system onto a single, low-cost, extremely low-power consumption chip, is simply amazing,” proudly shares James Regan. This will really turn the industry on its head, enabling orders of magnitude of increased capacity to the user.

Today, the company’s global teams comprise of more than 160 people across two countries.

Future Impact

Optical communication is just the beginning. There are so many ways EFFECT Phototonics’ technology can and will impact people’s lives.

Just as Photonics is a Key Enabling Technology, integrating an entire photonic system can bring many powerful solutions from labs right out to the people. This will apply to medical tech for health, lidars to make driving safer, and the new universe of quantum technologies.

Relation with Tech Tour

“Tech Tour has exposed us to the world of European tech investors, which has been great for our progress and our learning,” conclude James Regan.