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Tech Tour has published its most recent Impact Data report focused on the Photonics Programmes. This report encompasses data from all photonics events organised by Tech Tour from 2016 to 2022, along with investment figures up to the third quarter of 2023. It provides an in-depth analysis of the investment trends and progress in the photonics sector within the Tech Tour community.  


In the span of the last 7 years, 190 unique companies presented at seven Tech Tour's photonics events. Out of these, 136 companies reported securing funding, highlighting the significant role Tech Tour plays in catalysing investment in photonics start-ups. Over the period, these companies collectively raised €973 million, with an average capital inflow of €5.1 million per company. Notably, the average raised per company surged in 2023, reaching €6.77 million per company. 


TT Photonics Program Report by Tech Tour - Infogram 


Key insights: 


Investment relevance: 72% of the companies that presented at Tech Tour's photonics events secured funding, which shows the high relevance of these companies to investors. 


Impact of Tech Tour presentation: A significant 75% of the total funding raised by these companies over their lifespan was committed after their first involvement in a Tech Tour photonics programme. This underscores the influence of presenting at Tech Tour events in attracting substantial investments. 


Investor engagement: The report identified 190 active unique investors who funded the 136 Tech Tour alumni, reflecting a high investor-to-company ratio and demonstrating significant investor participation and commitment. 


Gender representation: Companies with women in executive roles accounted for only 12% of the total, indicating a need for greater gender diversity in leadership positions within the photonics industry. 


Investment distribution across sectors: The funding was distributed across various sectors, with 52% directed towards digital, 21% to health, 14% to sustainability, and 13% to other sectors.  


Geographic distribution: In the first three quarters of 2023, funding for start-ups from Spain saw a nearly threefold increase compared to 2022, while investment in companies from Poland surged sevenfold. Tech Tour's photonics company alumni from the Netherlands experienced a 26% rise in investments during the same period. In contrast, companies from Germany, France, and Switzerland faced a significant decline in investments in 2023.  


Super champion company: SMART Photonics, the Dutch foundry for photonic integrated circuits has recently secured an additional funding of €100 million. Previously, SMART Photonics participated in the EIC ScalingUp deep tech programme and received the honorary Investment Impact Award at Tech Tour Growth Europe 2023. For further information about the successor of this programme, also led by Tech Tour, explore EIC Scaling Club. 


The Photonics Impact Data report offers a holistic view of the Photonics investment landscape within the Tech Tour community, capturing the interests of investors, entrepreneurs, and industry stakeholders. As Tech Tour continues to foster networking opportunities, encourage collaboration, and spotlight the most promising photonics companies in Europe, its impact on innovation and investment in the sector is set to grow. 


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