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We are excited to announce that Gilde Healthcare's portfolio company, Calypso Biotech BV, has been acquired by Novartis AG in a groundbreaking deal worth up to USD 425 million! 


It is an impressive stride for biotechnology innovation, Calypso Biotech, a pioneering Dutch company in the field of autoimmune disease treatment, is set to join forces with pharmaceutical giant Novartis in a deal valued at up to $425 million. This acquisition marks a significant milestone in the advancement of therapeutic solutions for autoimmune conditions, showcasing the potential of deep scientific research to culminate in substantial industry impact. 


Pioneering Anti-IL-15 Therapy 

Central to this acquisition is Calypso Biotech's groundbreaking work on CALY-002, an anti-IL-15 monoclonal antibody considered to be best-in-class for its innovative approach to treating autoimmune diseases. IL-15 plays a crucial role in the immune system's response, and by neutralizing this interleukin, CALY-002 holds promise for a wide range of autoimmune indications, potentially transforming the treatment landscape for conditions with high unmet medical needs. 


Strategic Move for Novartis 

For Novartis, this acquisition is more than a mere expansion of its portfolio. It represents a strategic enhancement of its immunology pipeline, to explore CALY-002's application across a broad spectrum of autoimmune diseases. The move signifies Novartis's commitment to investing in innovative therapies that address critical gaps in patient care and treatment options. 


Investment and Innovation 

The journey of Calypso Biotech from a promising startup to a significant player in the biotech industry has been supported by a consortium of investors, including Inkef Capital, Gilde Healthcare, Fountain Healthcare Partners, M Ventures, and Johnson & Johnson. This collective investment underscores the critical role of venture capital in nurturing innovation, from early-stage research to market-ready solutions. 


The Role of Gilde Healthcare 

Gilde Healthcare, acting as the lead investor since Calypso's inception, has played a pivotal role in guiding the company from its early days as a Merck spin-off to its current position at the forefront of IL-15 targeted therapy research. The firm's strategic investment and support have been instrumental in Calypso's success, emphasizing the importance of experienced investors in the biotech ecosystem. 


Future Prospects 

With Calypso Biotech now under the Novartis umbrella, the future looks promising for the development and deployment of CALY-002. The acquisition accelerates the drug's journey towards commercialization and opens new research avenues for leveraging IL-15 biology in treating autoimmune diseases. As the biotech industry continues to evolve, partnerships like these are pivotal in translating cutting-edge science into life-changing therapies. 


The acquisition of Calypso Biotech by Novartis is a testament to the power of innovation, investment, and strategic collaboration in the biotech industry. As Calypso's pioneering work on IL-15 targeted therapies transitions to the next stage under Novartis's stewardship, the potential for significant advancements in autoimmune disease treatment is immense. This partnership not only highlights the value of biotech innovation but also sets a promising precedent for future developments in the field. 


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