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The Tech Tour Circular 2024 Investment Programme culminated in a dynamic event held in Ghent on April 23-24, 2024. This year, 40 innovative companies, specialising in circular economy solutions, were carefully selected by a distinguished panel of over 60 high-profile investors and corporate partners to showcase their technologies through onsite pitching sessions. These participating investors have collectively made over 2,400 investments in the past, contributing to a total investment sum exceeding €100 billion. The selected companies have collectively received over 140 past investments


At the event's conclusion, 8 companies stood out and were recognised for their outstanding presentations and pioneering ideas. They were honoured by a jury composed of seasoned investors and industry experts.



We at Tech Tour are pleased to congratulate and present the following winners.


blue activity offers water treatment for industrial cooling towers with innovative microorganisms to replace 100% hazardous substances in use, leading to improved resource utilisation and significantly increases water quality.


ENERSENS is a leading innovative company specialising in silica aerogel products. They develop and market high performance aerogel-based insulation materials. Enersens has developed innovative processes to produce silica aerogel granules, powders and blankets in a cost-effective way.


Maana Electric offers sustainable and ESG-compliant local production (onshoring) of solar panels. They are a tech champion in solar green manufacturing processes with 3 high-value product lines: automated solar panel factory, production of green solar cells, and production of green silicon from waste streams.


Naturbeads commercialises sustainable and biodegradable cellulose ingredients. Their cellulose microbeads Naturbeads cellulose beads are 100% biodegradable and show the same performance of plastic microbeads. They are being tested in cosmetic and personal care products, paints and coating, adhesive, packaging and many other industrial and consumers applications.


Pack2Earth has developed the first biobased materials which compost at ambient temperature yet suitable for manufacturing packaging for long-life dry, semi-liquid or even liquid products, such as coffee, honey and even beer. They currently offer a flexible film and an injection material under license to packaging manufacturers and product brands. 


QustomDot is at the forefront of the display revolution as a leading developer of quantum dot technology for vibrant colour conversion. Their patented, stable, and cost-effective QD solutions empower businesses to integrate stunning visuals into their products.


Resortecs leads the circular transition in fashion with heat-dissolvable stitching threads and thermal disassembly systems that make recycling easy. Through targeted innovations in the way clothes are assembled and disassembled, their solutions empower fashion brands to rise to today’s environmental challenges at the pace and scale Earth needs.


Those Vegan Cowboys make animal-free cheese with the same taste as traditional dairy products. Their researchers collaborate with scientists and players from the traditional dairy industry to develop milk proteins through microbial fermentation.


These award-winners represent the pinnacle of innovation in the circular economy, embodying the spirit of sustainability and technological advancement. As they continue to seek investments, financing, and partnerships, they are poised to shape the future of circularity on a global scale.


We look forward to continuing this journey together and shaping a brighter, more sustainable future with our partners: Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC), Stad Gent, Ghent University, Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT), North Sea Port, PMV, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, AstroBio Green Solvents, B2BE Facilitator (Business to Bioeconomy), Crelan, VITO4STARTERS, and Vlerick Business School.


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