The European Venture Contest Award 2008

Finds, evaluates and awards world-class innovative companies with the potential to dramatically impact their industry and contribute to increasing European competitiveness and growth.

Accelerates the growth of young innovative companies by providing access to top-level international partners, advisors and financiers. In addition, a 90,000 euros cash prize will be delivered to the contest’s winner.

Channels the innovation efforts of innovative regions towards supporting and encouraging the growth of real high potential innovators.

Transfers information and knowledge on technology entrepreneurship to the stakeholders community in the form of best practices.

Supports the global leaders of tomorrow at an early stage by updating the skill set they will need to grow and expand their businesses successfully.

The European Venture Contest 2008 Winners:

  • Overall winner: InMold Biosystems (Denmark)
  • Runner-ups: RPR Technologies (Norway) and Trovit (Spain)
  • Public Award for the Best Elevator Pitch: NUUBO (Spain)

The European Venture Contest 2007 Winners:

  • Overall winner: Scytl Secure Electronic Voting (Spain)
  • Runner-ups: CytoTrack (Denmark) and d30 (UK)
  • Public Award for the Best Elevator Pitch: Unibioscreen (Belgium)