ESA Investment Forum 2010

Thank you for joining us in Milan !

On behalf of the European Space Agency Technology Transfer Programme Office (ESA TTPO), Camera di Comercio Milano (Innovhub) and all our partners, Europe Unlimited sincerely thanks you for such active participation at the ESA Investment Forum. During and after the event we have received very positive feedback regarding the presentations
and its participants, and it is our firm belief that your contribution was vital to make this event a success.

All company presentations have been assessed and rated and we are delighted to announce the winners of the best presentation award.  We were all impressed by the quality of presentations and business models! 

And so, without further ado, we proudly announce the winners:


Surgica Robotica
Bradford Instruments
Grado Zero Espace


About the event

Organised by ESA’s Technology Transfer Programme Office (TTPO) in collaboration with Europe Unlimited, the ESA Investment Forum 2010 follows the previous and highly successful editions taking place at the EuropeSpace Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) in the Netherlands and in La Hulpe, Belgium.

For its 4th edition, the ESA Investment Forum fostered investment and partnership opportunities by bringing start-up companies using space technology, applications or services in a non-space environment, together with finance and investment communities while highlighting the business potential of such blends.

In recent years, we have witnessed that transfer of space technologies back to commercial applications generates countless business opportunities. The leading example is satellite-based services becoming one of the most promising sectors of business profit, highlighting the potential in spinning space technology back into Earth applications.

The Forum plays an active role in the European innovation scene and it constitutes an exceptional setting for exploring collaboration opportunities while providing a privileged insight into space research for prospective commercialisation.

The SMEs selected to participate in this event are businesses that build a significant portion of their growth and competitive advantage on the utilisation of a broad spectrum of technologies originating from space and their application in diverse industrial sectors.