About the International Venture Club
and its founding Round Table


Network of leading Venture Investors
growing international investment in innovation


Club Membership:

  • leading captive fund managers (bank or institution-related) in emerging markets
  • government venture capital funds co-investing with private equity
  • corporate investors working with European VC funds
  • leading international venture capital firms interested to co-invest in Europe

Club objectives:  

  • further the success of the Members
  • showcase investments of the Members
  • facilitate syndication and exits of investments of Members
  • widen and deepen the network amongst potential fund investors and corporate partners

Club Round Table:

  • 1st regular event of the EVClub- this time hosted by Caixa Capital
  • This first event is also the founding event of the European Venture Club
  • Round Table events are only attended upon invitation by the Hosts, Members and Organisor
  • only for member senior representatives and invited corporate investors, potential fund investor, directors of companies showcased, government decision-makers and other VIP guests

The International Venture Club is an initiative of:  

  • Caixa Capital is the initital founder
  • Europe Unlimited as facilitator and service organization to Caixa Capital and Club members