European Venture Contest - Energy 2013

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The European Venture Contest Energy (2013) took place in Horsens, Denmark on October 10The event united 29 promising startups active in the field of  renewable energy who pitched their innovation, developments and needs to a jury of business angels, venture capitalists, corporate investors and other industry experts.

Organised by Europe Unlimited with the support of its hosts and partners, this event convenes top entrepreneurs, investors and experts from the renewable energy technology sector. The program has been designed to enable knowledge exchange and business collaboration as well as to build an innovation network throughout Europe within the energy technology sector. Its unique set-up allows business networking at the highest level, from high level panels and in-depth discussion groups to presentations from corporations and fast growing companies.

The event is part of the European Venture Contest (EVC) that finds the top 10 emerging companies through a Pan-European competition every year. The EVC is the only free of charge internationally-delivered venture competition and is specifically targeted at early stage high tech companies in ICT, Cleantech and Healthcare.

In short, the event offers:

  • Partnering for entrepreneurs, investors and corporations
  • Highly-specialised, structured business presentations with direct feedback from experts
  • Roundtable discussions on cutting edge topics with top European specialists
  • Ample networking time and space to make new contacts and follow-up existing ones

The Award Winners (Top 25%) will get the opportunity to take part in the Nordic Venture Forum and the European Venture Summit!

The event will draw European startups from the following sub-sectors:

Energy production from sustainable sources

  • Solar
  • Wind
  • Wave
  • Geothermal
  • Biogas, biomass, biofuels

Energy infrastructure and distribution

  • Electric vehicles
  • District energy (heating and cooling)
  • Smartgrids, intelligent electricity grids

Energy efficiency and storage

  • Sensors and measurement equipment
  • HVAC Components (Heating, Ventilation, Air-Con)
  • Lighting
  • Fuel cells and batteries
  • Heat storage and heat pumps

The European Venture Contest
 Energy is supported by: