European Venture Contest 2014

For the 10th consecutive year, the European Venture Contest (EVC) will uncover in 2014 the most qualified technology entrepreneurs seeking international venture capital. The EVC presents itself as a unique opportunity in today’s tough economy to get international exposure and secure funding, ultimately helping companies grow and generating employment.

Years of experience linking the right people together

Each year over 800 startups apply to the EVC via a dozen of regional or technology-focussed qualifiers to present their company, engage with top industry experts and network with potential investors. The contest element comes from the selection of the best quartile (Top 25%) at each of the qualifiers who continue to an end-of-year major event with more than 100 entrepreneurs and also 100+ venture investors. 120 finalists of this event will be reviewed by a top Selection Committee and the 25 best startups (9 ICT, 8 life sciences and 8 cleantech) are awarded.

All selections are based on:
  • online reviews of the updated company profiles and PowerPoint presentations
  • company pitches at the Venture Forums & European Venture Summit
Women Innovative Entrepreneurship

This year we decided to put a special theme for Women innovative Entrepreneurship. Through the European Venture Contest – Women innovative Entrepreneurship (EVC-WiE) we aims to promote innovative companies led by women or with women in leadership positions in the ICT, Life Science and Cleantech industries. The opening of the European Venture Summit will focus on this topic and will follow by the elevator pitches of our innovative women.

The European Venture Contest in a few numbers:
  • annual programme in its 10th edition in 2014
  • 3 streams: ICT, life sciences and clean technologies
  • 800+ participating innovative companies via 12+ regional qualifiers each year
  • 400+ VCs and Corporate Investors
  • 2500+ event and online investors reviews
  • 120 best participating companies (Top 25%) competing for the European Venture Contest Awards at the annual European Venture Summit (EVS)
  • 25 award winners (Top25)
  • 50% of participating start-ups subsequently secure funding
The European Venture Contest and you

Have you got an innovative idea that could be tomorrow’s big success story? Are you looking to invest in promising up-coming start-up companies? Are you willing to put your region on the map and showcase its emerging talent? For a full overview of the EVC events in 2014  please click here

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