The European Venture Summit is Europe's foremost networking and investment event for high growth technology start-ups, venture capital investors and technology corporations. It offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to grow their businesses across borders. In its 8th edition in December 2014 in Düsseldorf, the European Venture Summit will present 100+ innovative ICT, Life Sciences and Cleantech companies from across Europe to an international audience of investors, corporate representatives and innovation experts. 

This year we decided to put a special theme for Women innovative Entrepreneurship. Through the European Venture Contest – Women innovative Entrepreneurship (EVC-WiE) we aims to promote innovative companies led by women or with women in leadership positions in the ICT, Life Science and Cleantech industries. The opening of the  European Venture Summit  will focus on this topic and will follow by the elevator pitches of our innovative women.


• 100+ companies presenting in 20 different sector-focused presentations sessions:
• Between 100 and 120 expert investors are recruited to provide feedback in the company presentations sessions to the presenters
• 15 Speakers for the 3 Plenary Discussion Sessions & 4 Key Note Speakers as well as 30 Speakers for the Roundtable Discussion Sessions
• Some 100 paying delegates are expected
• Some 50 representatives from the Hosting Region and Cities

EVS in bullets:
• Early December, annual flagship event of Europe Unlimited, in its 8th edition in 2014
• Presentations by the Top120 Companies selected though the European Venture Contest
• Attended by over 400 people, of which 200 of Europe’s most active venture capital or corporate investors
• Presentation sessions, pre-arranged one-on-one meetings, discussion sessions, partner roundtables and more