The Russian TT brought me meaningful insights on its ecosystem.

- David Kappeler, State of Vaud


We have been impressed by the ties Russia and Tatarstan were able to create internationally in the Tech Ecosystem and also with the rapidity with which this new technology giant has grown.

- Francois Feige, Brighlands Innovation Factory


I have attended many TechTour events. The Russian Tech Tour is an amazing gathering of international investors and local entrepreneurs. It has brought several Russian companies to the world stage and has inspired talented young men and women to think big. The Tech Tour team is terrific. I am looking forward to the next event!

- Alexandra Johnson, Global Technology Capital


For me it was an interesting experience to meet with highly professional Russian entrepreneurs who shared the same spirit of openness towards innovation. Although most of the companies I have spoken with were still very early stage, nevertheless, they were driven by the right attitude. Visiting Innopolis, which will develop into Russia’s IT innovation hub, was worth the trip to Kazan. Most of all, however, I liked the networking opportunities with the other participants of the Tech Tour which may eventually lead to further joint business activities. I thus would like to thank the organizers for all their effort and passion in putting together such a great event and an excellent group of people. Outstanding!

- Dr. Joerg Nowak, ORCA Consulting Group


It was a great pleasure for me to be a part of the Tech Tour selection process, get introduced (or reintroduced, in some cases) to the great technologies and teams from all over the country. The people make all the difference here, and I had a blast interacting with literally everyone who was part of the TT.

- Ivan Protopopov, North Energy Ventures


Tech Tour Russia 2017 was a refreshing and positive insight in the very active Russian startup ecosystem. The enthusiasm of the companies presenting, their eagerness to engage with domestic and foreign partners is a sign that Russia Tech is still very much alive and kicking.

- Jean-Marie Deluermoz , Liechtensteinische Landesbank


The Russian TechTour was from start to finish a well thought-out, top notch event. It brought together great minds from 3 different sectors - venture investing, entrepreneurs and governments. The overlap opportunities create for new ideas and unlocked potential. Having had the pleasure to lead the discussion on Global Strategies, and seeing the resonance amongst those 3 sectors was refreshing and encouraging.

- Furuzonfar Zehni, Fresco Capital


The Russian TT was such an amazing event! I really enjoyed everything from presentations to pitches to networking events, so I hope you keep us in mind for any future events. It brought us a few very interesting contacts that I’m in the process of flowing up on!

- Farhad Shikhaliyev, Heliovis


The Russian Tech Tour was great opportunity to network with Russian entrepreneurs, to explore technology regions and engage with local & foreign investors. Exciting experience, great participants and excellent organisation.

- Olcay Yilmazcoban, ACT Venture Partners


It has been very rewarding to hit the road again with the Tech Tour. After numerous Tech Tours in Western and Northern Europe going east was a new experience for me but very consistent with the quality expected. The Russian Tech Tour offered a great insight into talents ideas and brilliant minds to be discovered in Moscow and Kazan. Well done Tech Tour!

- Voytek Siewierski, Silicon Valley Venture Partners


4th Russian Tech Tour exceeded all my expectations. The event gathered a great group of people united by their shared interest in Russian start-ups and innovators and let them meet the best-of-the-best of young tech companies from Russia. I genuinely hope that the tour helped its participants establish fruitful business connections– just like it helped me – that would contribute to the blossoming of the Russian entrepreneurial eco-system in the coming years.

- Elena Bocharova, GP Bullhound


The Russian tech Tour 2017 is the most productive international scouting trip I have made abroad so far. Great deal flow! I was impressed by the quality of the startups selected. For AP-Swiss, the ESA ambassador platform for space applications in Switzerland, it was an opportunity to establish a dialog with Russian entrepreneurs in several strategic domains. I am now working to connect AeroXo, with its long-range drone, and IGS, with its HIVE product, with companies in Switzerland which are interested in cooperating. The Tech Tour is also an opportunity to meet and exchange views with international investors and partners. I was even more impressed, and somewhat humbled, by the expertise and track record of the participants.

- Jose Achache, ALTYN