The Geneva IVC Roundtable 2018 will focus on insights for investors, how to use data science to identify high potential investments and how early stage and growth investors can work together. Prominent speakers from across the ecosystem are invited and participating investors will be asked to share their views on how the industry and its players should adapt over the coming years.

The Investor Roundtable is an initiative of the International Venture Club, a global collaborative network of 70+ independent, corporate and institutional investors with a focus on the European venture market.

The event, one of the annual Investor Roundtables, is directly followed by the Tech Tour 2018 Growth Summit, which showcases the best investment opportunities in many trending technologies in Europe.

The Investor Roundtable Geneva is an invitation-only event that caters to the members of the International Venture Club and their invited guests.

Interested to learn more about the Club or the Roundtable? Contact James at james@techtour.com to discuss.