The 1st EU-China Cleantech Scale-up Delegation will take place on 21-22 May 2018 in Wuhan, Hubei province.


The event will bring together 10-20 EU greentech companies and investors with local Chinese investors, corporates and research institutions in the sector.


Wuhan is located in Central China. Wuhan, the only sub-provincial city in Central China, is now the capital of Hubei Province with an area of 8,494 square kilometers. The world's 3rd longest river-the Yangtze River and its greatest branch, the Hanshui River flow across the city and divide it into three parts, namely Wuchang, Hankou and Hanyang.


Wuhan serves as the transportation junction connecting the east and the west, linking the north and the south. Therefore, it is crowned by the domestic economists as “China’s economic and geographic center” and has ranked the 6th of the “Top 50 Cities with the Strong Comprehensive Strength in China” for years consecutively.


Wuhan also has three state-level development zones, i.e. Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone (Zhuankou Development Zone), East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone (Optical Valley of China) and Wuhan Wujiashan Economic and Technological Development Zone. Now the number of registered permanent residents is about 9,790,000.


As an important industrial base, Wuhan has a solid foundation in both hi-tech manufacturing industry and traditional manufacturing industry. At present, a new economic growth belt featuring the integration of hi-tech and traditional manufacturing industries has taken shape, including a series of industrial clusters such as Optical Valley of China, Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Auto Town, Taiwan Enterprises Development Zone and Yangluo Development Zone along the 88 kilometers Middle Ring of Wuhan. It has a complete array of industries, including over 30,000 industrial enterprises of 33 industries such as iron and steel, automobile, equipment manufacturing, petroleum and petrochemical, optoelectronic communication, western and traditional Chinese medicine, biological engineering, textile, clothes and food. Its strong comprehensiveness of facilities provides investors from home and abroad with a great platform to invest.


Wuhan is the scientific, cultural and educational center in Central China, with its comprehensive strength in this regard ranking the 3rd among all the large-and-medium-sized cities in China, just next to that of Beijing and Shanghai. Wuhan boasts abundant intellectual and human resources. There are 52 regular institutions of higher learning in Wuhan with over 700,000 students, 736 scientific and design institutes, 10 state key laboratories, 59 Academicians of China Academy of Science and China Academy of Engineering as well as 450,000 technicians of various kinds. East Lake Development Zone in Wuhan is the 2nd largest intellectual-intensive area only inferior to Zhongguancun in Beijing, playing a leading role in terms of science and technology development nationwide in the following 5 fields: communication, biological technology, laser, microelectronic technology and new materials.

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