The incredibles acceleration program is targeted at innovative entrepreneurs from central and eastern europe who create innovative projects. We are especially looking for projects that have already been featured in at least one accelerator (they have completed the mvp phase) or have reached the user and revenue traction stage, have a new product or service prototype and a proven team, and are ready for international development. We are inviting innovative companies from every sector. Technological companies whose solutions are based on blockchain technology can count on a distinction. The competition winners will receive non-returnable grants of usd 50,000 and a unique opportunity to expand their businesses.


In addition to the funds, the program organisers will provide workshops with mentors from the silicon valley, meetings with experts from singularity university, interviews with investors, and numerous exercises with specialists from the industries indicated by the companies. The finalists, armed with the knowledge, competence and experience of incredibles mentors, improve their businesses in every area of their companies’ operations. The winners will receive workshops on accounting law, personnel policy, pr, marketing and sales. As part of the acceleration, the winners will visit campus london, where they will be able to benefit from the knowledge of international experts and meet with local investors. This program has a unique formula, with meetings with potential clients and the possibility of direct verification of the effectiveness of their sales techniques and channels.

Capital and knowledge

Thanks to participation in the program, you will get support from outstanding mentors – people who have achieved global success in innovative business. We offer our laureates not only capital, but also knowledge, know-how, training and access to a networking web, which is a space for creative business discussion. In addition, the winners will receive access to one of the most modern ibm bluemix cloud solutions as part of the ibm global entrepreneur program, run by ibm, our partner for young entrepreneurs.


The incredibles invites start-ups not only from central and eastern europe but from all around the globe to participate in friendly rivalry for business contacts, mentoring, london road-show, and usd 50,000!

We welcome business solutions from all fields and industries, but blockchain-based technologies are particularly welcome.


Read the Criteria for selection of proejcts and Grant Agreement.

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Deadline for applications is 31 of August 2018